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We at Peak Health promote the health of your entire person, meaning that we do not solely rely on conventional medication to treat your aches and pains. By maintaining a close relationship with our professionals, you can become educated on habits to prevent further aggravation of your health challenges.

Joint Injections

If you suffer from arthritis or you experienced a recent muscle strain, then our natural joint injections can help relieve you of pain. Unlike traditional injections such as cortisone, the risk of side effects is greatly minimized.

Trigger Point Injections

Muscle tension and knots can be painful and uncomfortable for you. Fortunately, we can bring you relief with trigger point injections. These injections have proven effectiveness when it comes to relaxing painful knots of muscles in your lower back, upper back and shoulders.

B12 injections

When you have enough B12 vitamin in your system, you can experience positive health boosts such as improved sleep and reduced stress. B12 is easily absorbed into your system and serves as a natural way to promote your health.