New Patient Health History form

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Welcome to Peak Health Physical Therapy!  You have a lot going on and we want to make this process as easy as possible for you.  Kansas is a Direct Access State.  What that means is that you do not need a referral from your physician to see a Physical Therapist.  However, your insurance may require one.  To get started you may either click our request appointment tab and/or give us a call and we can set up a free consult to determine if you would benefit from Physical Therapy.  If you already have a referral from your physician we can go ahead and set you up for your first appointment.

Your First Appointment

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out the appropriate paperwork to begin therapy. This information will help us be able set you up as a patient and be able to bill your insurance appropriately. Please wear comfortable clothes that will allow access to your area of pain/dysfunction as well as be able to move comfortably.
  • Your Physical Therapist will take you back to a private treatment room for your initial evaluation. During the evaluation, your therapist will be asking questions about your medical history to get a good overview of your current condition.
  • Your therapist will do a comprehensive physical exam including looking at location of pain, ROM, strength, and general function to help determine a physical therapy diagnosis and implement a personalized treatment plan. 
  • Your therapist will provide education on your condition and will work on creating an environment that will maximize your ability to recover and return to your daily life with improved function and less pain. 
  • After your initial evaluation, you will return to the front desk to schedule out your full treatment plan.
  • Each following appointment, you will check in at the front desk and your therapist will be out to get you shortly.

What to bring to your first appointment

  • Insurance card and current I.D.
  • Physical therapy referral (if applicable)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Positive attitude