New Patient Health History form

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What to expect when you become a patient in our office:

Day One

Meet with our wonderful case manager to give a detailed health history regarding your visit today and what brought you in. We want to know your goals and your “Why”. This is very important and we will revisit this throughout your treatment in our office.

Consult with Dr. Albright or Brooke, our nurse practitioner, to determine if they think you would be a good candidate for treatment in our office. They will address your main areas of complaints. Please be thorough.

After your FREE consult, you have the option to consent to exam and full spinal x-rays. These services are subject to your insurance coverage. We also offer cash patient discounts! Once we have received your consent, the provider will perform their exam and order x-rays at that time.

You will be transported to our x-ray room where our tech will obtain those images. Don’t get antsy though! You will see your images at your next appointment.

After your x-rays are complete, we will lead you back to the front desk where you checked in. You will schedule your Report of Findings appointment at that time. This appointment is extremely important! Here, you will learn about your spine in the x-ray images we took the previous day. Dr. Albright will let you know exactly what you have going on and will lay out the plan of care to give you the best possible outcome to achieve your goals. After we have scheduled your appointment and you have paid your responsibility, you are free to go and we will see you the following day!

Why do we wait to show you your x-rays?

Dr. Albright and Brooke need time to get together and go over your case. This gives you the most thorough evaluation possible. Our goal is educate you to the best of our ability and we need time look at your case as a whole to do that.

Day Two

Welcome back! We have met as a team to discuss your case and a plan of care has been laid out for you. We are very excited and look forward to helping you!

You are going to meet with Dr. Albright today to discuss your radiology findings. He will go over each segment of your spine and let you know why you may be experiencing your symptoms. Next, Dr. Albright will discuss your plan of care. This is the plan we established, as a team, to give you the best outcome possible. Remember, our goal is to help you reach yours!

After Dr. Albright has educated you on your spine, our financial manager will enter to discuss the fun stuff! Finances! It’s not scary, but it is necessary. We want you to know what to expect every step of the way. We have put together a financial care plan based on your insurance benefits and what Dr. Albright and Brooke have recommended for you. If you agree to the plan of care, we will move forward with signing Office/Patient agreements. If you would like to modify the plan of care, you are welcome to do so!

Once we have established your financial plan and what services you will receive, our financial manager will give you a “To Be Delivered” plan. This is everything you have agreed to receive from us.

Next, we will schedule “The Why Experience”. This is a mandatory educational experience that all new patients must go through. Our case manager will let you know available dates and times. Please commit to this brief 20-minute experience at this time.

We do long-term scheduling here. Yes, it is a commitment. You did not get this way overnight and it cannot be fixed overnight. It will take time, hard work and commitment. We are committed if you are! We will schedule out your appointments for the length of your recommended treatment time, taking into consideration vacations, holidays, etc. These appointments are YOURS. We have set this time aside for you so we can help you reach your goals. We are open to modification, if needed. But, please, COMMIT yourself and stick with the program. YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS!

You have scheduled and established your financial plan…. now what?


You will be shown some passive therapies today and you will receive your first adjustment.

We look forward to seeing you for Day THREE!