spinal hygieneOur mission at Peak Health is to offer a whole body approach to overall wellness. We do this by EDUCATING our patients on the cause and prevention of disease, REMOVING interference in the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, and by RESTORING optimal function of the body.  Health=100% Function.

Health is not how we look or how we feel, but how we function. Since chiropractic is the foundation of our practice, we look to the spine first to remove any nerve interference. We then approach the body as a whole and offer many different avenues of treatment. We have a licensed Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, and Functional Rehabilitation Technicians on staff. Our goal is to educate on patients on proper spinal hygiene (think dental hygiene) so that they can maintain their health through the proper functional movement. Remember, you only get one spine. Take care of it!