Health isn’t How We Look or How We Feel, but How We Function

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Patient Testimonials

If you value your health, this is where you need to be. They are committed to your health in every way. My experience has been life-changing and my husband cannot stop talking about his care. Beautiful office with kind, caring people.

- Kristin

Peak Health is a game changer for optimizing your functional health. The staff provides exceptional service and genuinely cares for each patient. If you're interested in improving your quality of life and revitalizing your daily function then you owe it to yourself to give Peak Health a try. You will be thankful you did. I'm sure glad I decided to take control of my functional health with the help of Peak Health!

- Bradley

Dr Albright literally saved my life when my specialists didn't have any idea how to help mell He is a talented healer, intelligent, caring, compassionate and the Doc I trust most to give good advice and to treat my problems! His staff are competent, nice, helpful and fun people. Can't recommend this practice enough!!!

- Cindy

Been with Dr Albright for over 20 years and he is absolutely the nicest Dr. ever! His treatment for me has definitely improved my mobility and I'm grateful for his services to me. I highly recommend him and his staff are amazing!

- Janet

Dr Albright has treated me off and on for 18 years! After a long absence (when I thought my neck and spine health were fine) I took my 82 year old mother in for hip pain. Dr Albright and the staff welcomed me like an old friend. He treated my mother with great warmth and demonstrated such gentle strength in adjusting her. I quickly decided to treat myself to some regular maintenance again too. The whole team is fun, kind, accommodating and professional. The practice has expanded and offers many health service options. So grateful for their services!

- Stacey

Dr. Albright and his staff are awesome at what they do. I came in for pain and tightness in my neck. Some chiropractic care, trigger point injections, and acupuncture and I'm pain-free. My job is pretty physically demanding so I rely on Peak Health to keep me up and running!

- Layton

Dr. Albright has such a high standard for patient care. He truly educates his patients as well as treating them! I initially came in for an adjustment (after being referred by another patient) thinking I had been sleeping in an odd position. After taking x-rays, Dr. Albright determined that my pain and symptoms were due to a whiplash injury from 15 years prior to my visit. With PT and regular adjustments, I was able to be symptom-free in a short time. The office offers many services (PT, chiropractic, acupuncture, hormone therapy, etc.), and the staff is so friendly and knowledgeablel

- Sara

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